TOOLITIN Telescoping Ladder,12.5 FT One Button Retraction Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder,Slow Down Design Extendable Ladders Portable Best for Household Daily or RV Work,330 Pound Capacity…

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Toolitin Telescoping Ladder,One Button Retraction Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder,Slow Down Design Extendable Ladders Portable Best for Household Daily or RV Work,330 Pound Capacity


Hey, we’re the guys from Toolitin. We started this brand when most of us were in our early 40s. Around this time most of us were deep into the family life and couldn’t take anymore chances with safety. Buying telescoping ladders at the local hardware just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Most of the team there, although they were great people, weren’t industry professionals.

We wanted aluminum telescoping extension ladder from people we could trust, and from people who were similar to us as well. We’re every day Americans who work 9-5’s and just want a extendable step ladder line that takes safety seriously. Toolitin is a brand that understands this, we’re all family guys.We want to establish a relationship with you and become your partner for success here at Toolitin. We promise professionalism, support, and consistency to families in America everywhere to deliver you what you need with the service possible.

Whether you use this ladder to do decoration, repair monitoring, paint walls, repair roofs, install street lights, clean up the leaves on the eaves, climb trees etc. Then I believe this extension ladder can meet your needs.



Strong, Durable

Strong, Durable




Maintaining the highest standards and service.This ladder is compliant with EN131 and SGS European safety standards.

Strong, Durable

This telescoping ladder uses high quality aluminum alloy materials to ensure the safety of ladders.


Being a brand known for servicing the average American family.Understanding traditional ‘All-American’ family values.

easy storage

easy storage

Portable ladder

Portable ladder



Household daily

Household daily

Easy to Store

When the extending ladders are retracted, they can be placed in the trunk of the car. When stored in the home, they can be placed behind the door and under the bed to save space.

Portable Ladder

When you need to use a telescope ladder around your home, you can walk with it directly, because it’s really lightweight and easy to carry.

Telescoping ladder for RV

A foldable ladder that would fit in RV storage compartment.we believe it will be a good helper in your journey.

Household Daily

Collapsible ladders are also a good helper at home, you can use it to trim the roof, clean the windows,paint the walls, and repair the chandeliers etc.


telescoping laddertelescoping ladder

To open the ladder to full length:

Start with the top bar,grasp the hand grips on each side of the rung and pull up to extend the rung. When each rung is fully extended,you will hear a “click”,confirming that the lock mechanisms are engaged for that level.

To open the ladder to intermediate length:

1.Put a foot on the bottom rung to stabilise the telescopic ladder.

2.Start with the second rung from the bottom,grasp the hand grips on each side of the rung and pull upwards to extend the step.

New Version Features:

Slow Down Desgin,it can effectively prevent fingers clipping injury.
One-Button retraction function for easier.
Smaller size in collapsed condition,save more space.
You can adjust the height of the ladder as you like.
Dark green extension ladders give people a more stable and safe feeling, and makes people feel that the ladder can also be very noble.
Erospace engineered 6061 aluminum alloy with seamless metal finishing.


Do not stand on the top three rungs on the ladder.

Use the side grip handle to lift the ladder.

Do not put your fingers on or between the rungs while the ladder is retracting.






Fully extended length

8.5 FT

10.5 FT

12.5 FT

15.5 FT

Min Size

18.5×30.5×1.9 in

18.5×32.5×1.9 in

18.5×34.6×1.9 in

19×39×1.9 in


15.43 lb

20.06 lb

24.91 lb

36.59 lb

Max Weight Capacity

330 lb

330 lb

330 lb

330 lb

One BUtton Retraction

★ UPGRADED MATERIAL : The Toolitin telescopic Extension Ladder is crafted from premium aluminum alloy.The surface of aluminium is oxidized, which can prolong the life of folding ladder.And its plastic parts is reinforced with nylon fibre to improves load capacity, stability, aging resistance and extends service life.So our telescopic ladders is lightweight and durable,it has a maximum load of 330lb/150kg.
★ ONE-BUTTON RETRACTION : Convenience is the key! Compared with other step ladders on sale,our foldable ladder simply press down on the thumb buttons and the ladder will slide down effortlessly.It takes only a few seconds to retract the ladder from its full extension.Safe,convenience.
★ INTELLIGENT LOCKING MECHANISM DESIGN : We have upgraded the internal structure of the ladder,our aluminum telescopic ladder has intelligent locking mechanism in each rung(The red button under the rung,you can also adjust the height of the ladder as you like. ),each step falls slowly and smoothly when retracting, the problem of pinching hand is completely solved.
★ PORTABLE & EASY to STORE : This compact ladder is lightweight and easy to carry.Such aluminum extension ladder ladders are convenient and space-saving to store. Our retractable ladder can be stored under the bed, behind the cabinet or behind the door and so on.If you go out with a ladder, you can put it in the trunk and use it anytime, anywhere.
★ GOOD ASSISTANT of FAMILY : Toolitin’s ladder will be the ladder brand you can trust and deliver a family oriented brand service of the highest level consistently. The extension ladder will be a good helper for your family, whether you are painting walls, changing light bulbs, cleaning tree trunks, as a attic ladder etc.

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