OT QOMOTOP Multi Use Telescoping Ladder, 17ft Aluminum Extension Ladder& 300lbs Duty Rating, Easy to Move (2 Flexible Wheels), Embedded Buckle, Non-Slip Design, for All House Projects

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Product Description


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• Difficult to operate? No! With our safe protective “J” lock you can easily adjust the length of the ladder and then tap to re-lock.

• Poor quality? Absolutely not! Aircraft Grade Aluminum AL6105/AL6063 have been certified by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the cost Riveting design also strengthen the stability of the ladder.

• Hard to move? Definitely not! Just move the ladder easily with its flexible wheels. Everyone can handle it!

• Not safe when working on it? The non-slip rubber material and its deep stripe texture increase the friction, and therefore prevent slipping while you are working on the ladder.

Gentle Reminders:

The ladder has two flexible wheels, which can save you the time and energy of moving it and help you move it to the workplace easily.
For meeting your different needs, you can adjust the retractable ladder and use the embedded buckle (J Lock) to secure the ladder to the desired position and make it work for you.
Be careful when you need to put the ladder in its place. In order to make the ladder more stable and firm, its weight should not be too light, so be clear about the use of techniques, and accurate and safe operation can avoid something terrible.
When you need to use its long straight ladder function, pay more attention to the fixed work of the footrest. Although the ladder foot pad can provide a certain friction, some other fixed measures or reinforcement still be considered to make it more stable when you work.

Five Positions, Cover All Your Needs!


1. Folded ladder: The ladder can be folded when not in use, making it easy to store.

2. Extension ladder: When you need to clean the ceiling, fix the roof or access to any hard-to-reach areas, just unlock the hinge, rotate one side around, making it into a 15 ft extension ladder. You can work up to 17 ft.

3. A-frame ladder: Suitable for simple house projects like decorating Christmas tree, replacing the light bulb, etc.

4. Scaffold System: You can form a scaffold system with 1 ladder and a wooden board, making it a workbench for long hours of work and easy access to your tools. Suitable for cleaning windows, painting your house, etc.

5. Angle ladder: Perfect for the tricky areas .

The Multi-Use Ladder That Fits Your All Needs For Ladders


Perfect for all house projects

Indoor Use: Hanging some art, cleaning the ceiling, reaching high top shelves, replacing the light bulb, painting your house, etc.

Outdoor Use: Conducting RV, roof work, cleaning up gutters, taking off Christmas lights, cutting tree limbs, fixing the roof, etc.


* The 17 ft of the ladder is based on the manufacturing standard. That is the length of ladder plus people`s height

🔔Learn ✍More About Your Multi-Use Ladder From 👈The Buyer Video🎬 In Advance Before Your Work.
🏠🔧【MULTI USE DESIGN】- In order to fit your different needs, your ladder is adjustable, which can be as an a-frame ladder, an extension ladder, a staircase and 90-Degree ladder and a scaffolding system (you just need a reliable board).
🏠🔧【PORTABLE DESIGN】 – Portable 5 in 1 ladder, and equipped with two 3.94 inches wheels to make it easy to move.
🏠🔧【NON-SLIP DESIGN】 -Widened foot pads have the surface made of non-slip texture, which increases the friction to provide a safer working experience.
🏠🔧【EMBEDDED BUCKLE】 – An embedded buckle for locking the ladder to make the different function position fixed. And the embedded buckle will be automatically locked if the ladder is opened to some angles.
🏠🔧【DURABLE DESIGN】 Made of aircraft-grade alloy, durable and tough enough to resist rust and aging and serve you a longer time.

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