Money From Woodworking – Do You Have What It Takes To Turn Your Woodworking Hobby Into A Business?

You enjoy woodworking as a hobby. But have you ever thought about making money with it? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Here are three misconceptions that might have been holding you back. In this article, we’re going to debunk them so you can build your thriving business!

The reason most people who enjoy woodworking as a hobby don’t even think about making money with it is that they simply can’t imagine anyone paying them for their creations. And even if they could, they wouldn’t know how to get started finding the people who WOULD pay them.

So let’s look at three of the most common objections and take them apart – I bet you’ll start to see the possibilities.

1) I’m not good enough

That’s the most common objection of all. Most of us have been so browbeaten over the years that we feel that nothing we do is good enough, especially the things we do “just” as a hobby.

Sure, someone who is a ‘real’ woodworking professional or even a woodworking artist might be able to make money with it, but YOU? Not a chance.

Or so you think. But guess what? That’s not at all the case. There are quite a few woodworking hobbyists out there who are making a very nice living at it, and you’re probably as good as any of them.

2) Who would want my stuff?

Even if you believe you actually MIGHT be good enough, the next hurdle is who would want to buy what you make. Well, prepare to be surprised. There are LOTS of people out there who will happily send you money in exchange for certain woodworking products that you can create in an hour or two.

You may not know where to find those people yet, or how to help them find you, but you can learn. It’ll be worth it.

Which brings us to the next objection.

3) I don’t know where to start

Obviously, there are lots of questions that you need answered. Which handmade wood products are the most popular? How to create the products you can sell?

And how to get your products in front of those eager buyers so they can send you money. Not to mention how to find the time and space for your new business. And on and on it goes.

But you shouldn’t let that stop you. Find a comprehensive guide on how to turn your woodworking hobby into a woodworking business, study it, and get to work.

Source by Elisabeth Kuhn