Elections – Primary 2011

Office Currently Held By Democratic Candidates Republican Candidates Twitter Post-Gazette P2pac Allegheny County Democratic Committee Allegheny County Labor Council Teamsters PA NOW PAC Planned Parenthood PAC Steel City Stonewall Dems Election Night Event
City of Pittsburgh
City Controller Michael Lamb
Michael Lamb Endorsed Endorsed
City Council – District 1 Darlene Harris
Darlene Harris Photo
Darlene Harris
Darlene Harris Photo
Facebook Profile Endorsed Endorsed Endorsed Billy’s Troy Hill Bistro
1720 Lowrie Street
Steven P. Oberst
Vince Pallus Facebook Page Endorsed
Bobby Willson Facebook Fan Page
City Council – District 3 Bruce Kraus
Bruce Kraus
@BruceKrausFacebook Profile Endorsed Endorsed Endorsed Pro Endorsed Green Front Inn
2341 East Carson Street
Jeff Koch (viaPG) Facebook Fan Page Endorsed
Jason Phillips Facebook Profile
Gavin Robb Facebook Fan Page
City Council – District 5 Doug Shields
District 5 Photo
Corey O’Connor Facebook Page Endorsed Endorsed Endorsed
Chris Zurawsky @VoteZurawskyFacebook Page Pro
Vincent Caliguiri @votewander
Josh Wander (via Trib) Facebook Fan Page Mixed
City Council – District 7 Patrick DowdDistrict 7 - Patrick Dowd
Patrick Dowd
District 7 - Patrick Dowd
@PatrickDowdPghFacebook Profile Endorsed Endorsed Endorsed Church Brew Works
3525 Liberty Ave
Tony Ceoffe Jr Facebook Fan Page Endorsed
David Calfo
City Council – District 9 Rev. Ricky Burgess
Rev. Ricky Burgress
Phyllis Copeland-Mitchell Facebook Fan Page Endorsed Endorsed Pro
Lucille Prater-Holliday (via PG) Facebook Fan Page Endorsed Endorsed Pro Endorsed The Montage201 N.

Braddock Ave

JudgeMagisterial District Court

District 5-2-35

Nathan Firestone
Doug Shields Doug Shields’ Campaign HQ 5800 Forward Avenue
Hugh McGough Hugh McGough Endorsed Endorsed
Dan Butler Dan Butler
Joe Weinroth Joe Weinroth
Allegheny County
County Executive Dan Onorato
Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato
Rich Fitzgerald @VoteFitz Endorsed Endorsed Endorsed Endorsed Pro Endorsed IBEW
Hot Metal St.
Mark Patrick Flaherty @Elect_Flaherty Endorsed
D. Raja Endorsed Greentree Radisson Hotel, 7pm
Chuck McCullogh
County Controller Mark Patrick FlahertyMark Patrick Flaherty, Controller
George Matta
Valerie McDonald Roberts @voteValerie Endorsed Endorsed Tonic Bar and Grill
971 Liberty Ave.
Chelsa Wagner (via duq) @ChelsaWagner Endorsed Endorsed Endorsed Gaetano’s
1617 Banksville Road
County Council – District 7(Plum, Penn Hills, Cheswick, Harmar, Oakmont, Springdale  Borough, Verona and Wilkins) Nick Futules
Nick Futules
Mike Dell (viaPG)