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Digging into Wagners Finance Report

Nothing to surprising, Wagner’s got some of Luke’s campaign staff and a whole lot of spending on consultants.

According to the finance reports that were filled at least 2 of the staffers from Ravenstahl’s campaign staff are now working on Jack Wagner’s campaign.  Both Danielle McGrath-Hermann and Lydia Humenycky were on the payroll for Ravenstahl’s campaign in March and then on Wagner’s finance report for April.

From the Ravenstahl Finance Report:

From the Wagner Finance Report:

Wagner’s finance reports have some other interesting expenditures

  • Two $12,500 payments to a  Richard Bryers in New York City for “consulting”
  • Several payments to VDLY Consulting in Canonsburg for “commission” – the only thing we know about VDLY is that it was established as an LLC in December of 2012.
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