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Cyber Vigil for Ka’Sandra Wade & Domestic Violence Resources #RememberHerName

Pittsburgh bloggers are organizing a cyber vigil – writing posts and sharing information on social media about Ka’Sandra Wade.

If you are not familiar with the death of Ka’Sandra Wade – here is a summary from the Pittsburgh City Paper:

Wade was found dead of a gunshot wound on Jan. 1; her boyfriend, Anthony L. Brown, killed himself during a subsequent stand-off with police. Police say Brown confessed to killing Wade, but over the weekend, the Post-Gazette and other media outlets reported a tragic coda: Wade had called police to her home on New Year’s Eve. But the call was interrupted, and though police were dispatched to the scene, they did not enter the apartment or speak to Wade. Brown reportedly did not allow them in, or even open the door, while assuring them everything was all right.

Information on domestic violence from Pittsburgh organizations is available from:

Cyber Vigil Details

We are asking you to join a Cyber Vigil Saturday January 12 – to use your blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media tools to remind the world that her name was Ka’Sandra Wade. We urge you to write whatever is on your heart – but to use her name. How does this story resonate with you? What should be done? Do you know how to help another woman in a similar situation? What can we do with our social media tools to help? Whatever resonates with you … it can be personal, political, both, neither or something entirely else.

If you plan to participate, please email pghwomen@gmail.com with your blog name, URL or your Twitter/Facebook URL. We will keep a list on our blog, The Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society. (If you tweet, please use the hashtag #RememberHerName)

Additional articles about Wade’s death :


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