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Notes from the Tea Party Poll Watching Class

This has been circulated via email in the past 24 hours.  It looks like these are instructions for “Integrity Watchers” which will be targeted to specific city neighborhoods and areas of Western Pa.

PDF - Notes from TEA Party Poll Watching Class

Full Text of the document:

Notes from the Tea Party Poll Watching Class
4 November 2012

Legal Counsel: 855-724-6712 (Just Changed, new number)

Bob Howard: spoke for the duration

Card included in scans

CPA with Eagle Forum

All poll watching forms filled out at the event were done on behalf of the Repbulican Party

One speaker is poll watching on behalf of Representative Rick Saccone in Clairton

Rep Saccone is in HD 39 (R-Allegheny, Washington)

2 types of watcher

Striker (leave at 1:30 to take lists back to Victory Centers)

Integrity—Need 117 Integrity Watchers in Pittsburgh

Write down any irregularities The goal is to force/intimidate election judges to obey polling rules with their presence

Write down the names of the officials

Officials should not be by the machines

Write preliminary counts from printout of the machines to make sure its at 0

Challenge or question officials about any weird activities

Keep track of number of voters and check with table of officials

“Never get in an argument”

If there are a lot of Absentee Ballots = Red Flag

Keep getting closer to the tables

Restriction is atleast 10ft

Get closer by saying they can’t hear the election judge Push the rules until they tell you to move back Always challenge the election judges

Judges of Elections should NEVER be around machines alone

Ask for a copy of the voter printouts at the end of the day

Striker—checks off people on their list of voters

Fraud—going to poor GOP places or historical places of fraud

Didn’t give any hit of what historical places of fraud meant or how they determined what those places were

Answer carefully about why you are here “irregularity or statistical error”

Integrity watchers needed in:

Hill District





McKees Rocks



Pittsburgh  (3 full pages of precincts)

Penn Hills

IN DISTRICT (needs for Strikers):

West Deer


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