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Lessons Learned from the URA circa 1960s

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Pittsburgh’s East Liberty Neighborhood is featured in the Wall Street Journal today – “A Neighborhood’s Comeback: Part of Pittsburgh Finally Recovers from 1950′s Planners; Google Sets Up Office.

The good – East Liberty gets some nice attention from the Wall Street Journal.

This article offers an interesting, and possibly distubring look at the attitude of City Planning and URA in Pittsburgh.

The reporter Jame Hagerty interviewed Robert Pease who worked on East Liberty for the URA in the 1960s.

Mr. Pease’s comments on East Liberty’s comeback: – be patient.

But Mr. Pease, who led the 1960s urban renewal, said East Liberty has turned a corner and become “a destination” once again. The lesson for planners, he said, is “to do the best you can”—and then “be patient.”

Wow.  Can Pittsburgh afford to be patient?  Should we let the URA and Buncher work their magic on the terminal building and then be patient 40 for years to see how that works out.  What might have East Liberty looked like if the URA had stayed out of the way.

(h/t for Null Space for sharing this article)

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