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New Poll: What should happen to the Igloo?

Mellon Arena in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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With the end of the hockey season there has been a lot of discussion about what should happen to Mellon arena now that the Penguins will be moving to their new home across the street.  What do you think should happen to the Mellon Arena?  Please add your thoughts and ideas in the comments section too.

Who are you supporting for Allegheny County Controller

  • Valerie McDonald Roberts (45%)
  • Chelsa Wagner (33%)
  • George Matta (22%)

Total Votes: 33

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  • Jodi

    Create a park transition from Downtown to the hill and a place for outdoor celebrations adjacent to downtown and the new arena. Allow the park to be a setting for buskers, street vendors, artists. In the winter make it a snow sculpture area. Make it THE URBAN park of pIttsburgh, a tiny version of NYC's Central Park that connects and flows between the downtown and hill areas.

  • PghRich

    The Damn thing should never have been build

  • Jonpgh

    This is a Pittsburgh Icon like the Gulf Building, USX tower, Grant Building, etc. And make sure the roof opens and closes when we do keep it.
    I think the 3 Rivers Stadium should have never been built and, in my opinion, the tax exempt current stadiums, including the new Penguins Arena should have been built in Moon and Findley Twp, next to the airport. This way other communities would share the tax exempt loads.

  • Jason Harris

    There is a huge amount of support for reusing the Igloo! You can check out our Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid… sign our online petition http://www.petitiononline.com/civic123/petition.h… or go to http://www.reusetheigloo.org for more info. Reuse the Igloo!

  • Bill K

    The arena should be kept and used perhaps as a museum (about the arena itself, or perhaps about jazz on the Hill) add a bit of shopping and a restuarant and it could become the place to go prior to events in town. Take out the concrete and put a park setting in its place and it could be very inviting.

  • Steven

    I'm for reuse all the way, but these 2 chouces are neither mutually exclusive nor collectively exhaustive. The Igloo can be reused AND a street grid can be created. The original street grid will not be recreated in any case, but a grid can and most likely will be built on those 28 acres, regardless of the future of the Igloo.

    BTW, I recently learned that the actual cost of opening and closing the dome itself is somewhere in the neighborhood of $125-$140, each way. There had been rumors of $10,000, even $250,000.

    Information is power!

  • Gus the Green

    this either/or thing is part of the problem; why not disassemble it, reassemble it elswhere, and,
    for that matter, once removed, the answer might not simply to rebuild the "grid" but parts of it

  • jrkakapastateradio

    turn it into a bungee park, or an indoor sustainable water park