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What is Ed Grattan? (Not who.)

Hello, everyone.  It’s Bram from the Pittsburgh Comet.  I’m going to be doing some blogging also over here now.  How are you.

My concern lately has revolved around the epic Post-Gazette article dated April 11th of this year about “Democratic rainmaker” Edward J. Grattan.  It was a fascinating article about someone that I vaguely knew existed, but knew absolutely nothing about.

The “news hook” was that he is disputing a five-figure water bill in court, but the story delves quickly into disputed overdue federal tax bills — as well as his seemingly powerful roles both as political fundraiser and public development financier.

Or something.  You need to real the whole thing several times and you need to tell me in the comments what sort of animal we are beholding.  I don’t get the sense that it’s anything new, or anything unique, but I get the sense that it’s something ephemeral that is always on the edges of our politics.  Please discuss.

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  • a pgh democrat

    There has to be something happening at 225 Ross St – a building that is owned by Grattan and business partner.

    2nd Floor – Allegheny County Democratic Committee
    3rd Floor – Zeo Technology – Web firm whose clients include PWSA, Allegheny County,http://www.openbookpittsburgh.com/, Amen Corner, DES Infrastructure & Environment (whose website says they have an office on the 5th floor).
    4th Floor – Greenlee Partners – lobbying firm http://www.greenleepartners.com
    5th Floor – Mike Doyle's Pittsburgh Office
    5th Floor – Huron Capital Partners (http://www.huroncapital.com/contact.html)

    At one point ATS Chester Engineers had an office in 225 Ross St.

    225 Ross was also the Ravenstahl for Mayor headquarters (http://pittsburgh.citysearch.com/profile/map/601267390/pittsburgh_pa/rayvenstahl_for_mayor.html)
    The Kerry Edwards Campaign Headquarters in 2004
    Rendell for Governor Campaign Office in 2006

  • http://pghcomet.blogspot.com Bram R

    Thanks for all that info. "There has to be something happening at 225 Ross St." It sounds like he owns a building that caters to politicians. Nothing wrong with that it would seem. The exception, Zeo Technology, might be an interesting thread. But what is that "something" and does it only come into focus in connection with something else?

  • all in the family

    I think Ed's brother was the head of the FOP (http://pittsburghpolicefop.com/history3.htm) photos and more info from 2003 PG article about Eugene Grattan meeting with Mayor Murphy -http://www.post-gazette.com/neigh_city/20030811fo

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