Getting It Done

Trash Talk

One complaint that we hear from time to time is that poor neighborhoods often get the leftover trashcans from other neighborhoods.  One example taken earlier in the year (Kevin Acklin used this particular example in the second mayoral debate, back in October): a trashcan behind the Homewood-Brushton YMCA labeled “Bloomfield”.

Here’s a photo taken today:

Problem solved?  Glad to see that the mayor is still getting it done.

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  • carpetbagger

    Wow. There’s hardly room on that can for the mayor’s signature!

  • Donut

    While I don’t believe Ravenstahl should be mayor, I also don’t think every boneheaded city-related matter should be laid at his feet, even if it involves garbage cans. Pick your battles, for goodness sake. I hate to say it, but an argument could be made that at least they got a can, and who cares what’s written on it? And the duct tape? If it really was a city worker who put it there–and not a politically motivated photographer trying to make a point–then it was just a case of laziness. Finding a brush and a can of paint would have been too much work. It happens all the time.

    For instance, I play tennis at Schenley Park. Early this year Citiparks installed a number of benches at the courts. One of the benches is bolted into the asphalt directly in front of a gate in the fence. Now you can’t enter the courts through that gate. The mayor’s fault? No, more likely somebody just got the word to place the benches 20 feet apart and that’s what they did, without regard for for the consequences. You can find examples like this in every neighborhood.

  • Get Off the Court

    Hey Donut – Ask yourself, how long would this garbage can last in a more affluent neighborhood, such as Squirrel Hill or Shadyside? You’re right, they would even think of doing this on Walnut Street. OK then, why is it good enough for Homewood? That’s why this matters. What kind of message does it send to the people living in Homewood? It says you’re only good enough for second hand garbage cans meant for another neighborhood. And when the issue is called to the Mayor’s attention by another candidate (Acklin) in a televised debate, the response says you’re only good enough for second hand garbage cans with duct tape over the name. I’m sorry, your tennis story is not analogus. Maybe you need to spend less time on the tennis court and more time in Homewood, where people are suffering and being ignored, and you might see the point.

  • Matt H


    These garbage can issues like this are all over the city.

    Look at the one on my blog I posted about some time ago.

    It is supposed to say “Sheraden” on it and they spelled it “Sheridan”

  • Cassie Wallace

    Wow! It seems like it would be just as easy to paint over Bloomfield as to duct tape it. That looks terrible!