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New Poll – Who are you supporting for Mayor in the November Election

The break is over – you have had 2 weeks to rest since the May primary election and it looks like the candidates are starting their engines for the race to the November elections.  Kevin Acklin is holding a campaign kickoff evene t tomorrow at the Pittsburgh center for the arts.  So we thought it was time to kick off the 2nd leg of the Race for Pgh with a new poll.  Both Kevin Acklin and Dok Harris are challenging Luke Ravenstahl in the November 2009 election.

Who are you supporting for Allegheny County Controller

  • Valerie McDonald Roberts (45%)
  • Chelsa Wagner (33%)
  • George Matta (22%)

Total Votes: 33

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  • http://pghcomet.blogspot.com Bram R

    Right now, the vote is evenly split between Kevin Acklin and Doc Harris.

    This is bad.

    • http://www.bing.com/ Rope

      Way to use the inrtenet to help people solve problems!

  • Irina L

    Why can’t the reform-minded people of this city get together behind one candidate–either Acklin or Harris??! Kevin & Dok and your staffs, if you have the city’s best interests at heart, you will caucus and decide who has the best chances of winning and you will run a single campaign to challenge Ravenstahl. Otherwise you’re both just doing the incumbent’s work. I will not go to the polls at all in November if this is my choice.

  • Romney/Acklin ’12!

    What’s bad is that Acklin and his wife gave thousands of dollars to Romney in ’07, and campaign cash to Melissa Hart and Specter too. At least Specter had the balls to go all the way Democratic. Just because the Republican party has gone over the edge doesn’t mean that a long-time staunch Republican who doesn’t agree with his party on an issue or two is all of a sudden “Independent”. What it means is, Acklin can’t win as a Republican, he wants to get his name out there without too much embarrassment, so he’s claiming an epiphany. Hell, his wife hasn’t even mentioned his candidacy on her “Acklin’s Army” family blog. Either he hasn’t told her about it, or she’s the only adult in the family with a lick of sense.

    Now if only Dok Harris would name Dock Ellis honorary campaign chair, then we’d have a race!

  • http://www.roofing-directory.com/pennsylvania/ PA Roofer

    Interesting race thus far. Wonder where we’ll be in 5 short months.

  • http://pghcomet.blogspot.com Bram R

    I don’t know whether ROMNEY’12 is a Doc Harris shill, a Ravenstahl shill, or a wildcat propagandist acting on he/she/its own volition, but he/she/it is making no sense and irritating everybody.

    This “his wife hasn’t updated her blog” line of criticism is bizarre. If you are making a point about Kevin being a Republican at heart and you’re that confident it’s so gosh darn important, you don’t junk it up with a whiny trumped-up complaint about his wife’s blog. And then over in my space, you “Presented without comment” a blog post of hers AFTER he announced about the announcement. Of course you didn’t figure out anything wrong with that, so you presented it “without comment”, in between misc. anti-Acklin taunting.

    And for heaven’s sake: Kevin Acklin isn’t the only person known to have switched parties in the past, even multiple times. Lots of folks fit that description. Shoot, our incumbent is the Republican nominee. How about you save it, ROMNEY’12, until Acklin pitches a policy proposal you don’t like? You’re making EVERYBODY BESIDES KEVIN ACKLIN seem extremely annoying.

    And guys — seriously. It’s more than a week later, and KA & DH are still eerily tied in your poll. Can we get these two gentlemen together? Both of them are intelligent enough to figure out how to save faces as appropriate, and continue to accomplish their missions.

  • http://matth614.blogspot.com/ Matt H