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Desperately Seeking Justice in Lawrenceville



  1. The act of despairing or becoming desperate; a giving up of hope.
  2. A state of despair, or utter hopeless; abandonment of hope; extreme recklessness; reckless fury.

“Reckless fury” is the only way that to describe the campaign of Tony Ceoffe in the increasingly heated race against p2pac endorsed candidate Susan Banahasky in the past week or so.

Today, the chair of the 9th ward Democratic Committee was knocking on doors of voters with Banahasky window signs.  Several sources reported that his message was “What’s your problem?” and “What’s wrong with you?”  With at least one voter, after this line of reasoning failed to work, he used the message: “well you know… she’s Jewish.”

Is this what we should expect from the campaign of a candidate for District Judge?  Is it what we should expect from one of the so-called leaders of the City of Pittsburgh Democratic Committee?

For more discussion on the race, there’s an active thread over at the roboto board.

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  • Gloria

    On January 25, 2009 Bishop Zubic honored Susan’s mother, Anna, in recognition of exceptional service to the Catholic church.

    Bet Susan’s mom & Bishop Z are going to be surprised when they hear Susan’s Jewish!

  • Phyllis

    As one of the small but politically savvy and involved Jewish folks in the Lawrenceville community, I shake my head, roll my eyes and say, “What kind of a schmuck are you, Mr. D.?” (In case a literal translation is needed, schmuck in Yiddish means penis.)

    Do you think Jew-bashing and perpetuating anti-semitism give you street creds? Please. We JEWS don’t like that kinda stuff (and most of our non-Jewish friends don’t appreciate it much either).

    This garbage is yet another reason why Susan Banahasky should be elected District Magistrate!!!! I’m talking honor, INTEGRITY and a commitment to all people living in the district, regardless of race, creed, nationality or religion. I invite everyone to vote Banahasky this Tuesday. It might just be one of the best things you do for yourself and the community.

  • anom

    I hear that Judge Zeilmanski and his people are supporting Susan and NOT Tony. That should tell you something.

  • CB
  • notsosilent

    This collaborated story is a desperate attempt to knock Coeffe out of the running, and old trick, hopefully, people will be clever enough to figure it out and vote for person best suited for the job. If the campaign wants to go this far, I myself have heard just as crazy negatives about Tony Coeffe as well, comparing him to the mafia because of his car and his Italian heritage…it’s all bull, be wise today