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City Council District 6 in Play for May Primary

Tonya Payne has a challenger in the May 2009 Primary. Daniel Lavelle is having a campaign kick off event this Saturday.

Schenley Heights Community Development Center
3171 Ewart Drive (corner of Ewart & Iowa Streets),  Pittsburgh, PA 15219 US

Saturday, January 24, 1:00PM to 3:00PM

Citizens For Daniel Lavelle cordially invite you to join us at Robert Daniel Lavelle’s City Council Campign Kickoff Reception.

Co-Hosted By:

  • Mr. Robert & Mrs. Adah Lavelle
  • Mr. Ernest & Dr. Emma Darby Dr. Greg & Mrs. Thelma Morris
  • Mr. Franklin Reed,  (Democratic Chairman, 5th Ward)
  • Mr. Khari Mosley,(Democratic Chairman, 22nd Ward)

Light Refreshments will be provided
Please RSVP to info@lavelleforcouncil.com

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  • george tenney

    Dear Mr. Lavelle ,
    Sir, first off congratulations on you recent victory in the primary eletion defeating Ms. Bryant . Im an exresident of south Oakland (Oakland will always be home to me )You say in one of your acceptance speeches that you would like to do something about the unmployment rate ,well sir ,I think I may have somewhat of a solution ,although not so easily accomplished . Why doesnt someone do something about the ” background checks ” that are keeping decent law abiding citizens who may have made a few mistakes in the past ,but are now being hounded and kept from making a decent living for things done long ago . I pesonally know of a half dozen people in this situation including myself . I have some things in my past Im not proud of ,but I went back to school to change my life and graduated with an associates degree in culinary arts ,I have not been in any trouble in over twentyone years ,yet I cannot get a job due to the availability of background checks to almost anyone even slightly interested in your past . I have thousands of dollars in school loans I cannot pay because I cant get hired .Please help ,Im about to lose my home Ive been in for over twenty years . Thank You much. George Tenney

  • Meliza Jackson

    I work in District 6 and I’d like to know where to address an invitation to Mr. Lavelle to an event?