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Blogging PatFordgate

Julia Sweeney as PatImage via Wikipedia Chris Briem wonders if the Pat Ford settlement will mean the end of the Burghosphere – “I mean, will there be enough fodder for people to write about going forward. It’s debatable.”  But Doug Sheilds has already called for an investigation and thus the saga of what can only be labeled Pat-Fordgate continues.  Here is what the bloggers are saying…

  • Dear Pat Ford and Alicia Sirk @ The Burgh Blog

    • “So let me shout it out right now.  You are a disgrace to this city and the people.  You are a disgrace to honesty.  You are a disgrace to what it means to be a public servant.  You are both egotistical, unethical, narcissistic thieves and when the karma boomerang hits you upside the head, I hope it circles around again to give it to you twice.”
  • Adventures in Urban Redevelopment Land @ The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat
    • To answer questions elsewhere, my guess is that the URA would have had to hire specialized outside counsel in order to defend itself and the City against whatever allegations they may throw at them.  Not sure what Ford could have done to them, but the nuances of employment law escapes me (and it’s probably not the specialty of the URA legal team either) and there seems to be enough of a pretense of a challenge to warrant concern.
  • Anthony’s Pie Chart Shakedown @ Tunesmith & Anthony
    • Public opinion of Pat Ford – 50% think he is creepy, 50% think he is weird
  • Kraus on Radio – Pat Ford owes us an explanation @ Mark Rauterkus and Running Mates
    • Bruce Kraus of Pgh’s City Council was just interviewed on KDKA radio by Marty Griffin about the Pat Ford matter.

      Bruce said, “Pat Ford owes us an explanation.” “Those (letter of more than a week ago by Mr. Ford about corruption) are very serious allegations.”

      Others in city hall won’t give an interview to Marty for the show. Mayor Ravenstahl took the day off. Doug Shields nor Jim Motznik won’t do it either. Michael Lamb, city controller is talking.

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  • http://pghcomet.blogspot.com Bram R

    Pat Fordgate. Pat Fordgate! “The administration was never able to recover from Pat Fordgate.”

    I like it.

  • http://www.bing.com/ Jesslyn

    Glad I’ve finally found smhoeting I agree with!