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Ravenstahl is in. Frankel and Fitzgerald are out. What do you think of Luke’s Website?

Summary Article from the Post-Gazette (http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06339/743620-53.stm)- Luke Ravenstahl is Running for Mayor
- Mike Doyle is supporting Luke and making a major assumption that Luke, in 3 months has built substantial relationships with state and federal representatives

“We have seen the consequences when we have somebody who can’t work with the state and federal delegation,” said Mr. Doyle, D-Forest Hills, in an obvious reference to Mayor Tom Murphy, who criticized legislators. “I don’t see any reason to break up a great team.”

- Dan Onorato is supporting Luke, a fellow Northsider, and continuing to do what he has always done, play politics
- The O’Connor Family also expressed their support of Luke
- State Rep Dan Frankel will not run for mayor

“This race,” Mr. Frankel said, “will be driven more by issues than by personality.”

- County Council member Rich Fitzgerald will not run for mayor

It has only been 2 days since Luke made his announcement, but the Post-Gazette is hot on the campaign trail with a story about Luke’s website, “Mayor Says election Bandwagon is filling up”. Luke’s website has virtually no content, well actually it has no content. A picture of Luke and a picture of Pittsburgh does not consitute a conversation about Pittsburgh. So far, Frankle is wrong, the race is about personality and the Post-Gazette is doing a great job of reprinting Ravenstahl’s press releases.

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  • rich10e

    and who do they,Onorato and Doyle,support
    if LR isn’t the party’s nominee? Is Dan Onorato issuing marching orders to the Pittsburgh Democratic Committeee? “Fall in line behind me!Double time!! That’s an order!” Or is Dan signaling a new era in city/county politics—an open primary?

  • Gloria

    I think it’s safe to say Dan’ll be yelling “Double time, committee people, double time!!”

    He’s also pushing for an appointed – not elected – Sheriff. Of the 1,000+ local gov’ts in the US that have Sheriffs, only around 1% are appointed. Wonder why that is? Could it be that we like having control (votes) over people who are in charge of keeping us safe? It’s our fault we kept re-electing DeFazio, we need to accept that & promise to do better.

  • Jason Phillips

    Besides having no content… the suit that Luke is wearing in that photograph looks to be about a size too big. Not really the image you want to be showing when your age may become such a hot topic in the campaign. Just a thought.

  • Patrick

    I think what Doyle and Onorato are saying to the committee is “endorse whichever candidate you want, but they won’t have enough money to compete if they aren’t Luke Ravenstahl”.

    That said, there will be an endorsement, and it is Ravenstahl’s to lose at this point.

  • http://Rauterkus.blogspot.com Mark Rauterkus

    I saw Rich Fitzgerald tonight at a school event. I asked him what he thought. He told me that he has NOT ruled a run for mayor as OUT OF QUESTION. So, I’d say that there is still a chance he might mount a campaign. Might.

    I hope that Dan Frankle does NOT run. Frankle is a strong NEGATIVE on my scale.

  • MH

    Rich Fitzgerald has zero chance of winning.

  • rich10e

    The Ravenstahl administration has just announced that Commander Catherine McNeilly has been demoted to Lieutenant for her whistleblower role in the Dennis Regan Affair. Regan was exonerated by the Ravenstalh Law Department. http://post-gazette.com/pg/06342/744574-53.stm

    The message is loud and clear”Cross The Ravenstahl Administration at your own Risk.” Or maybe it could be,”If your a female Police commander keep your mouth shut!”Whatever happened to Commander Brackney’s complaint against Regan??? Or is this a two-fer.You “smack” one down;the other falls in to place.It seems like that would make for a brutally repressive work place.Or is that the point?

  • Columbia

    I find it interesting that progress pittsburgh has already seemed to draw its line pretty clear of who you want for mayor. I would like to know why it seems you have become so anti-Ravenstahl so early in the game?? Elections are about building alliances so I’m not too shocked that others have outwardly expressed their support and I am sure that will be the case as well when the challengers make their campaigns known.

  • andrea

    No one person speaks for P2, I don’t think. I for one am impressed with Luke’s record so far, but I feel like I’m missing information about his vision for the long run. The press releases and campaign announcements so far have been mostly pro-forma, and there isn’t much meat to discuss. This is all SOP, of course, but it leaves folks who’ve supported Lamb and Peduto in the past wondering what the real story is going to be with Ravenstahl. Even though he’s the incumbent, he’s comparatively untried.

    The good news is, it’s going to be a long and interesting campaign season. Let’s hope we get plenty of good information to analyze.

  • http://agentska.blogspot.com W/e/ttyl/jk/omg/lol

    HIs website sucks and is lame.. I’m 19, I know cool haha Oh, I kid.

    He’s not so cool. Lest anyone forget, he killed his fish. THat swayed me. Plus, his website is lame.

  • http://agentska.blogspot.com W/e/ttyl/jk/omg/lol

    I don’t really know all that much about Luke. I’m not one to bash on young people trying to do stuff in politics. It just seems like he’s backed by people who like the status quo.